Friday, February 1, 2013

Starting Over

I'm going to restart this whole process since I kinda really neglected my last blog. Hopefully now that I'm not really that busy I will be able to post more and actually keep up with this blog!! :) I'll just post some of my favorite nail art that I have done & we'll go from there :)

If you want any info on what I used for any of these mani's comment & I'll let you know :)

This was the first time I tried a fishtal mani :)

 Some watermarbeling!
 My first puzzle mani! Puzzle manis are waaay easier to do than I thought!

 I had two Halloween mani's last year (so weird to think of 2012 as last year) The dripping "blood" I actually wore on halloween
 My mani for Breast Cancer Awareness! I really liked how these turned out :)

 Dia de los Muertos Mani!

 Winter Mani
 What I wore on my nails for my birthday :)

 New Year's Mani inspired by MissJenFabulous on YouTube!